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Why Everybody Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

I had been a professional newborn photographer for 3 years when I had my baby girl, and even I should have hired a newborn photographer. Don’t get me wrong, her pictures are beautiful and melt my heart everyday, but it was HARD work! Whew! To be honest, I never even considered hiring a professional newborn photographer because I was so excited to take them myself. I mean, really, why wouldn’t I take her pictures? It’s what I do for a living, and I love it! Well, I am going to give you 4 reasons why I think everybody should hire a professional newborn photographer.


#1: Um, You Literally Just Had a Baby

If you are expecting your first baby soon, then you should totally take a nap right now! I’m serious, you can finish this article later. If you are expecting your second baby, then you might have forgotten how tired you are going to be those first two months. I know I forgot. If you are expecting your third, fourth, or fifth child – then you are superwoman to be sure, but you are still going to be tired.

Newborn pictures are best taken during the first 14 days of life. That is a super small window, and you are going to be a hot mess. I don’t mean that in an insulting way – it’s just that you’re probably going to have stitches, sore nipples, and other areas that feel like they are on fire. Oh, yeah, and you will also be wearing a lady diaper. I think we can agree that you won’t be looking in the mirror thinking that you look or feel your physical best.

Newborn photography is hard and patient work. Even with all of my years of experience I was hurting everywhere. I can say for certain that if newborn photography is not your specialty, this is not the time to try it out. Also, working with your own baby is difficult because they smell you c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y! Every time I so much as leaned in to adjust her, she started to wake because she could smell her next meal. It took me 3 days to get the minimum number and variety of shots that I wanted – AND I didn’t even really get as much as I could have if I had hired somebody else – but we’ll get to that.


#2: Professionals Have Patience and Attention to Detail

Trust me, even if you are a professional newborn photographer, you will only have 1.5 of these qualities at best those first 14 days. It took years to get where I am today. Newborn photography is so much more than having a camera, lots of props, and some cute ideas. Experienced newborn photographers have the attention to detail that is necessary to make a pose look natural and comfortable for baby. It is harder than it looks to get all those fingers and toes looking relaxed. Patience is key. Clients are always amazed at how careful and exact I am about each pose.

To really make my point, I am about to show you something that I find so embarrassing that I have literally never shown anyone: a picture that I took of my son as a newborn:


Oh, the shame! It’s horrible! In fact, if I were showing you this picture in person, I would literally not be able to look you in the eye right now. I am mortified – and now this is on the Internet forever – ha! But it’s worth sharing because I don’t want this to be you!


#3: Experience Matters hire a professional newborn photographer

I know this seems obvious, and it should! Experience is so important in newborn photography. If you hire a professional newborn photographer I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make. You will value those precious pictures more and more every year.

Newborn photography is very different from other types of photography. Sure, all the technical stuff applies, but there is also a brand new baby to consider. Experienced professional newborn photographers know how to soothe and pose babies safely and recognize that each baby has their own limits. They also have a variety of poses and modifications in their arsenal, so each session is as unique as baby.

Hiring an experienced newborn photographer also gives you the opportunity to collaborate with somebody that will hopefully give you good advice. Remember my son’s newborn picture? I know, how could you forget it! Well, I hate football and my husband is pretty ambivalent about it. So why is our only newborn picture of our son in a football cap? Obviously because he was born SuperBowl week! I would like to think that if I asked my photographer to do this for me, she might have asked “oh, are you guys big football fans?” That may have helped us decide on a more classic and simple look that wouldn’t be immediately irrelevant to us. Also, she would have taken more pictures – ha!

I have been dying to show you a picture that is reflective of my current work, so here are some of my daughter’s pictures to make the point that experience really does matter:


Hopefully this has restored your confidence in me.


#4: Better to Have No Regrets hire a professional newborn photographer

I regret not hiring a newborn photographer for my son for obvious reasons. But, I also regret not hiring a newborn photographer for my daughter’s pictures because my husband and I are not in any of the pictures and I only had the energy to do one pose with my kiddos together.

Awkward posing, poor lighting/editing, unreliable and unresponsive service are just some of the regrets I have heard from clients that booked me after working with a less experienced photographer. I always feel bad when I receive these calls because I know that these clients had to pay twice for their newborn photos. BUT, I think all of them would agree that it was worth paying more to hire a professional newborn photographer. No regrets!


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